The particular attention paid by to the use of technologically advanced designing tools, in the recent year it brought to an engineering design based on design and analysis instruments (as 3D CAD and FEM) extremely at high performance and therefore to the improvement of the products that we offer to the customers. In fact the tools used allow to reduce the timing of development of the new products and to get higher performances, so that we can provide quick and satisfying responses to the market needs. At the same time, even for the production aspect, Sistem Pneumatica is always committed to the continuous improvement and updating of the working and assembling machines, this need is turned to offer high quality products at competitive prices.
Sistem Pneumatica srl - study fitting part
The "Sistem Pneumatica" push-in fittings were designed for use in industrial equipments functioning with low pressure compressed air as movement fluid (see the technical specifications of the various lines). As demonstrated from the tests made by the MACHINES INSTITUTE of the University of Bologna, the construction features provide performances even higher than those reported, but in any case each use out of the field and the performance requirements specified on the technical sheets is to be considered under full responsibility of the user. Inside of the PUSH-IN articles, the seal on the tube is made through a gasket out of the tube, which grants in any case the full passage of the extent of the tube inside the fittings. The internal structure of the fittings and the implemented sealing system allow the use of these components even in plants with application of the INDUSTRIAL VACUUM (-75kPa).
The use of the Sistem Pneumatica fittings is suitable for fast construction of air circuit plants, through the use of plastic pipes. These products must be used in the conditions shown in the technical specifications of the various products about pressure and temperature. The technical details are based on an ambient temperature of +25°C, therefore they can change to the changes of the working temperature. These fittings should not be used in applications where their critical features are prejudicial for the safety of people or property and in any case where a component with general safety features is required. Before using these products with fluids different from the specified one (compressed air for industrial use), for not industrial applications, in health and medical systems or in other applications not properly shown in our documentation, we recommend to contact our technical department. Further to wrong use, aging or malfunction, the components used in fluid power systems can be damaged. Therefore it is important that the designers of the fluid power systems take into consideration and provide adequate safety device to avoid personnel injury or damages to the system.

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