Whether it’s materials or process, the quality has always been an essential principle of our production activity. We offer to our customers a wide range of industrial pneumatic components, we are able to satisfy special logistics and product requests, that allows Sistem Pneumatica to go over the supplier role and become a true partner for our clients.


pneumatic fittings

Pneumatic fittings are components that allow the connection between valves and actuators inside a pneumatic circuit, through the use of pipes and threaded parts. Sistem Pneumatica designs and manufactures a complete line of pneumatic fittings in metal and resin: quick fittings, push-in fittings, air-clip series fittings, easy, k series, k series distributors, ogive pipe fittings. Visit our online catalogue and request your quotation.



flow regulators

The flow regulators are pneumatic components that regulate the speed of a cylinder through a drive that allows the opening or closing of the air passage. The speed regulator or flow regulator is used to moderate the flow of compressed air or gases used in a pneumatic circuit, to control the movement and speed of cylindrical or pneumatic actuators.


Pneumatic Valves

pneumatic valves

They are valves, each of them with its own function, characterized by an only pneumatic drive.
A valve consists of:
• a body, containing the external connections with orifices, through which the air can be supplied, distributed or discharged
• an internal device with particular internal channels, which can put the orifices in different connection by changing its own position.
Due to the function, the pneumatic valves can be divided into the following types:
– Distribution valves.
– Control valves.
– Interception valves.
Since 1978 we design and manufacture different types of pneumatic valves in compliance with the requirements of European and international standards.



pneumatic couplings

Pneumatic couplings are devices that can be activated to isolate or connect two or more parts of the same pneumatic system. Various types of nichel-plated brass, plastic and aluminum couplings available.


Connection Parts and Silencers

pneumatic connectors

As connection parts are intended the main elements for connecting the various parts of a system through threaded connections and pipe-holding plugs, while as silencers are intended the devices necessary to silence the discharge the compressed air in the environment.



pneumatic accessories

Since 1978 Sistem Pneumatica supplies a wide range of connectors and silencers, multiple connectors, distributors, sleeves, special elements, essential to facilitate the connections in a pneumatic system. All our products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of European and international standards.